Thursday, July 30, 2009

Volunteer Of The Year

Volunteer of the Year

Today, Gina was given the Volunteer Of The Year Award at the annual Rotary Club banquet. About a month ago we were invited to attend the banquet. I knew that Gina was going to receive the award, but they asked that I keep it a secret from Gina. It was a nice surprise.

The banquet was held at Mena Mountain Resort. I had not been to the Resort before today, and I was very impressed. Mena Mountain Resort is one of the best-kept secrets in Western Arkansas, their brand-new facility offers the type of fine amenities you would only expect to find in a luxury resort. It's not the kind of thing we have ever seen before in Mena. Construction began in January 2006 and was completed in the spring of 2009. The resort consists of a total of 15 guest suites, a clubhouse, pavilion and pool. Also on the property is a 3 bedroom cottage with full kitchen, large living area, and a private fenced yard. Here is a view of the balcony from one of the suites.

Rocking Chair

Mena Mountain Resort

After a very nice meal provided by the resort, The yearly awards were given out. Each year the Rotary club honors a Volunteer of the Year, a Citizen of the Year, and a Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. Gina was honored for her work with Relay For Life.

Gina Accepting Award

Back in March Gina was asked to give a talk to the Rotary Club about Relay For Life. She had to be out of town that day, so I gave the talk. The club members were very receptive. You can read about it here. While Gina was at the banquet today she did some recruiting for Relay For Life. It is amazing how much work it can be to put on an 18 hour event. I am so proud that Gina is passionate about helping others. That is just one of the reasons that I love her. Congratulations Gina on your Volunteer of the Year Award!!


  1. That looks like a wonderful resort. I had never heard of it.

  2. Congratulations Gina. Relay for Life is a wonderful event and a lot of work. As a cancer survivor, I say thank you so much.

  3. Congratulations to Gina for her reward. As a cancer survivor and sometimes participant in this event in Baxter and Marion Counties, this event boosted my spirits in the early, fearful, tentative years of survival.

    Also, when I participated in the lighting ceremony by purchasing the luminaries, it reminded me of how many family and dear friends also were touched by cancer.

    Since cancer forced my retirement from pharmacy in 1996 I have belatedly found new life fulfillment in volunteerism in general from church, to public service to organization of a TeleCare calling group.

    Again, all my accolades to Gina.

  4. Congratulations are in order to GIna for winning the award but also for all the good work she's done and the countless hours she's volunteered in her life in order to help others... GReat work Gina... Congrats to you...!!!
    Thanks for sharing the info on the resort...I JUST looked at their posted pictures and they are wonderful...thank you

  5. YAY, Gina! Congratulations! A well deserved recognition for all you do and have done.