Tuesday, September 1, 2009

G Is For Gear Heads

It's time again For ABC Wednesday. If you aren't participating in ABC Wednesday, you are missing out on a lot of fun. This week the letter is "G". G is for Gear Heads. This weekend Gear Heads from all over came to Mena, Arkansas for the annual Wilhelmina Rod Run.

Rod Run 35

Rod Run 1

Rod Run 2

Rod Run 3

Rod Run 4

This years Rod Run marked the 34th anniversary. It was first held on Rich Mountain at Queen Wilhelmina State Park for several years on Labor Day weekend. The rod run was later moved to the weekend before Labor Day due to the already high volume of use at the State Park and the fact that it overloaded the personnel at the state park. The Wilhelmina Rod Run is always well received by the local population and is looked forward to each year.

Rod Run 5

Rod Run 6

Rod Run 7

Rod Run 8

Rod Run 9

Rod Run 10

Although the Rod Run is held at Queen Wilhelmina State Park, many of the vehicles are displayed in Mena on Friday and Saturday night. These pictures were taken at the Friday night show held around the restored Mena Depot.

Rod Run 17

Rod Run 12

Rod Run 13

Rod Run 14

Rod Run 19

Rod Run 20

Each year Daddy drives one of his cars to the Friday night show. This year he took his Berlina. These cars were factory built, by the Phillips Motor Car Corp. They were built by hand, on a brand new 1980 Corvette, with the styling of the 1936 Mercedes 540k cars. These cars are super rare since less than 90 cars were ever built. The factory was in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Rod Run 11

Rod Run 21

Rod Run 22

Rod Run 15

Rod Run 16

Rod Run 18

Jumper Davenport was there with his 1957 Cadillac Convertible pulling a beautiful old wooden Cadillac boat. The combination was a real crowd pleaser.

Rod Run 27

Rod Run 28

Rod Run 29

Rod Run 30

Rod Run 31

One of the most unusual cars there was a fully restored Packard coupe that the owner bought from a museum and changed the entire drivetrain to make a modern driving street rod that looked completely stock. He told us that the wheels were what intrigued most people. He had them machined from a block of aluminum to look as close to the original wheels as possible.

Rod Run 24

Rod Run 26

Rod Run 23

Rod Run 25

Rod Run 32

Rod Run 33

Rod Run 34

What a great show. I'm looking forward to the Wilhelmina Rod Run again next year.


  1. You have got some beauties here - they are to nice for "ordinary" driving!

  2. What an incredible car show. Amazing. Your photos are gorgeous.

  3. I am not a gearhead, but all these cars could turn me into one in no time! I was nearly drooling over my keyboard!!!
    By the way, Queen Wilhelmina Park where it was held. Was that named after the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina?

  4. oh goodness, this museum pieces are so well preserved. if something goes wrong, spare parts would be difficult

  5. The park was indeed named after the Dutch Queen. The investors who initially built the mountaintop resort around 1900 were Dutch and named it after their Queen

  6. My father-in-law would appreciate that. He has a 1939 Ford in quite decent condition that he drives in parades and the like.

  7. My husband is a total gearhead. He would be salivating just looking at the photos of all the old trucks. Great, great, great photos.

  8. 'Gear heads'! LOL!

    And did you notice that the 'hood' ornament on that first one is a greyhound? :)

    Lovely old cars.

  9. Wow! Nice.
    That Blue truck is sweet.
    Before kids, my husband and I used to walk around the car shows.
    It would be fun to do again.

  10. I can see the love to these wonderful, beautiful old timer cars! The same here, I love them too :)

    We stopped traveling one week ago and are settled down now in Melbourne FL. I will have time again to visit your blog more often and on a regular base :)


    thank you for your recent comment on my blog!

  11. Hello "Arkie" :)

    Great looking cars. I saw you on my blog yesterday but didn't have time to say hi, sorry about that! Been busy. Glad to make your acquaintance. Rita

  12. Beautiful cars! We just had the annual Frog Follies here last weekend, but I was too tired to go wander in the heat and see the cars. Nice to see yours instead :-)

  13. Richie - from all the way out here in Rosamond, Ca I found your blog....great Arkie lifestyle. I have one of the pretties 2 y.o. pinto mule EVER.Showed them folks at Bishop Mule Days. Not bad for a 70+ Arkie lady from Marshall.(50 yrs. ago) CowgrPilot@yahoo.com

  14. May, 09 #113 entry as Match Horse and Mule in Bishop, Ca Mule Days. Won that and 2 y.o. color class.