Saturday, February 2, 2013

Speeding Tickets

No one likes to get a speeding ticket.  I haven't gotten very many over the years, but each one is memorable.  It is just not something that I forget.  When my granddaughter Rebekah was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana  my wife had taken a week off of work so that she could stay help with the new baby.  That meant that I had to drive back home alone.

On my way out of Baton Rouge, I took Highway 190 to Interstate 49.  I have traveled Highway 190 quite a bit, and I know that you just don't speed on it.  It is heavily patrolled.  The speed limit was 65 mph, so I set the cruise control on the MINI at 67 mph.  I traveled along with the flow of traffic listening to a book on CD about Benjamin Franklin.

As I came into the town of Point Barre, the speed limit dropped from 65 mph to 45 mph.  I tapped the cruise control and traveled along with several other cars as we slowed down.  The next thing I knew, there were blue lights in my rear view mirror.  The patrolman must have been shooting his radar right at the 45 mph sign, and he had to pick me out of 4 or 5 cars to stop, as we were all traveling the same speed.  The ticket cost me 160 dollars.  To say the least, I was not happy.  I felt that the ticket was unfair.  I had been trying to obey the law and yet I got a ticket.

I have received one speeding ticket since that day.  About a year later while I was travelling to Baton Rouge for a visit I was once again on Highway 190.  As I was travelling along with several other cars we entered a construction zone near Point Barre and the speed limit dropped from 65 to 45.  The group of cars I was in slowed to 45 and traveled through the construction zone.  As we left the construction zone, a Louisiana State Trooper pulled me over and gave me a ticket for doing 55 in a 45 zone.  I hadn't slowed down quite quick enough.  Once again I was not happy.  I felt that the ticket was unfair.  I had been trying to obey the law and yet I got a ticket.

My situation reminded me of an illustration that I have heard explaining God's grace.  Imagine yourself driving down the road, doing 100 mph in a 55 mph zone. A police officer stops you. If he gives you a ticket--that is justice--for you got what you deserve. If he lets you off with just a warning--that is grace--for though you deserved a ticket, he did not give you one.

I have thought about that illustration and realized that it doesn't quite fit.  If he lets you off with just a warning--that isn't grace, it is mercy--for though you deserved a ticket, he did not give you one.  However, if, instead of charging you, he personally escorts you to your destination-- that is grace--for he gave you more than mercy, more than pardon, more than you ever expected, more than you could ever deserve.

There are many Christians who like me in Point Barre feel that they aren't really doing anything all that bad. They are trying to obey the speed limit, which should count for something.  They don't see grace being all that great.  They are trying to live right.  God should realize that.

The “I surrender all” Christian realizes that the law has been broken whether he was going 5 miles over the limit or 55.  He realizes that he deserves the ticket, and he is overwhelmed by the unexpected grace.

He's Alive

Romans 5:17 tells us that "if, through one man, death ruled because of that man’s offense, how much more will those who receive such overflowing grace and the gift of righteousness rule in life because of one man, Jesus Christ!

I wish for you overflowing grace!


  1. I hear in New Zealand, you get a ticket for going too fast...and they will also book you if you're driving below the speed limit. Good grief! How do you maintain the exact same speed all the time?

    Here, the speed limit is 60 kmph but they give you an allowance and will not give you a ticket if you're say, doing 65 or so. It does not matter if you're driving too slow but I've heard of people being stopped by the police and asked to please, drive a little faster. LOL!!! Life in a small town...

  2. AMEN! to your excellent illustration. Thank goodness God doesn't give us what we deserve!