Monday, October 6, 2008


Sunday's Sunrise Sunset Meme

Belizean Sunrise

This sunrise was taken in San Pedro, Belize. I waited for the sun to be lined up in the pier gateway.

If you are interested in the posting your pictures to Sunday's Sunrise Sunset Meme, you can go here.


  1. Beautifully alligned. Glad you hung around...hope the hanging wasn't too painful.
    Normally I'd love to join in, but i'm already stretched with skywatch.
    Cheers, Arija

  2. What an amazing photo, Richard! But I can imagine it was only a million times more exquisite actually being there.

  3. Very beautiful scene, and excellent photo! I've not heard of this particular meme before. I'll go visit, but better not play. :)

  4. This picture is GORGEOUS! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing! It has made this sad day a little brighter! God bless you this week!

  5. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I love this photo, well worth the wait.

  6. Incredible sky colour, it almost looks like one of those Japanese Temple shrine thingy's

  7. That is absolutely astounding!!! I love it! Sorry I missed your post last Sunday...time got away from me and I'm just now getting around to visiting.

    That photo is most awe-inspiring!!! Love it.