Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New York Says Thank You

Yesterday all of America looked on in disbelief as once again it appears that an act of terrorism has been carried out in our country. My prayers go out for all of those affected by this tragedy. The scenes of Boston on television brought back to my mind the scenes here in my hometown of Mena after a tornado caused widespread damage back in 2009.

Mena Tornado 2009 22

The evening of April 9th 2009, an F3 Tornado with winds of 136-165 mph, hit Mena, Arkansas devastating a 25 block area. 100 homes were totally destroyed and over 600 damaged. The clean up and rebuilding process was a long one.

People and organizations from all over the U. S. arrived in Mena to help in the rebuilding process.  One of the groups that helped was the New York Says Thank You Foundation. Each year on the 9/11 Anniversary, The New York Says Thank You Foundation sends hundreds of volunteers from New York along with disaster survivors from around the country to help rebuild communities around the United States recovering from disaster. It’s their way of saying “Thank You” for all the love and support Americans from across the country extended to New Yorkers in the days, weeks, and months following September 11.

New York City Firefighters 2

At the core of the volunteer rebuilding effort were 25 New York City firefighters, many of whom survived the World Trade Center attacks. Also helping were disaster survivor volunteers from all the communities around the U.S. that the Foundation has assisted on previous anniversaries of 9/11 and who continually volunteer each year as their way to “Pay It Forward.” This group includes San Diego wildfire survivors, Hurricane Katrina survivors from Slidell, Louisiana, and tornado survivors from Utica, Illinois, DeGonia Springs, Indiana, Groesbeck, Texas, Greensburg, Kansas, and most recently Little Sioux, Iowa where New York Says Thank You brought out over 1,200 volunteers on the 9/11 Anniversary 2009 to rebuild a Boy Scout camp devastated by a deadly tornado that took the lives of four young Scouts.

Handing Out Water

The volunteers helped rebuild the homes of three families whose homes were destroyed or severely damaged in the tornado and rendered unlivable. These include a young family with two children whose parents both work at the local WalMart; a single mother who is 100% disabled and caring for an 18-year-old autistic son; and a young family with six children ages 8 years to 1 month who are now living in a mobile home with very little living space. The volunteers also helped rebuild Mena’s 4-H County Extension Community Center. The Community Center will serve as an educational meeting space for 4-H youth, farmers, community leaders, business owners, and families.

National 911 Flag

History was made on Saturday September 4, 2010 at Mena’s National Guard Armory when local service heroes from the community and surrounding towns placed ceremonial stitches in The National 9/11 Flag, a 30-foot American flag destroyed in the collapse of The World Trade Center on September 11.

Local first responders who helped in the rescue and recovery efforts following the Mena tornado were given the historic honor of helping to repair this national treasure which will become part of the permanent collection of The National September 11 Memorial Museum being built at Ground Zero.

National 911 Flag 2

A community memorial ceremony was held by The New York Says Thank You Foundation at Janssen Park in Mena.  Jeff Parness, founder of New York Says Thank You stated, “New Yorkers will never forget what people from Arkansas and small towns all across the United States did for us in the days, weeks, and months following 9/11. Helping to rebuild Mena on the 9/11 Anniversary 2010 is our way of honoring that incredible spirit of kindness and volunteerism that united our Nation after 9/11.”

New York City Firefighters

The service was very moving, with all of the NY Firemen along with volunteers from so many other communities that had been devastated by natural disasters. The true spirit of America was shown by those involved in New York Says Thank You.  The people of Mena will never forget them.

National 911 Flag 6

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  1. These photos make my heart beat a little faster and gives me hope for our world gone mad.
    What wonderful unsung heroes doing such amazing work.
    Thanks for posting this Richie.

  2. I was not aware of this program (but then I'm a Canadian) and think it's marvelous that they "thank" everyone. I'm sure they'll be involved in yesterday's tragedy in Boston...so horrific!

    abcw team

  3. wow! Wonderful post for N ~ glad your area was helped when you needed it ~ blessings ^_^

  4. Thanks for this encouraging post after yet another horrible day. Much needed!

  5. What an incredible organization! What a wonderful thing for survivors of 9/11 to do for others! It looks like Mena was very deserving of their help, and I just loved this post!

  6. Such a very symbolic event.

    Pardon for the very late visit. Busy world in the MommyLand.

    Festival of NatioN
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  7. What a great post. I know that we Okies are still very grateful for the support shown by others across the nation after the Oklahoma City Bombing.