Monday, January 14, 2013

A is for ADRA

The ABC Wednesday Meme starts it's 12th round  this week.  Since it is the start of a new round, the letter this week is A.  I would like to spotlight the organization known as ADRA.  ADRA is one of the charities that I support on a regular basis.

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency, ADRA, was started by the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a way to follow Christ’s example of serving and caring for those in need. Put simply, ADRA improves the lives of people around the world. The agency searches out deprivation, social injustice, and need—then works to eliminate them.  ADRA has projects in more than 120 countries

ADRA is lowering the incidence of horrific diseases by promoting health and wellness. And by improving sanitation and access to clean water, ADRA helps prevent many of the common medical problems that plague communities.

One of the ways that ADRA raises money for these projects is through the ADRA Gift Catalog.  On the ADRA Gift Catalog website you can browse projects and donate to whatever projects you would like.

Because my daughter has started raising chickens, the last project that I chose to support from the gift catalog was #12, Give Chickens to Orphan Caregivers in Tanzania.  Many widows and grandmothers are caring for orphans, often several at a time. Feeding and educating these children is very difficult. ADRA will provide each household with 10 hens, one rooster, training in poultry production, and tools—everything needed to sell eggs and become self-sufficient.

By providing food and water and the ability for families to grow their own, ADRA gives people the nutrition they need to not just survive, but to thrive.

In the wake of emergencies such as famines, floods, or earthquakes there are often thousands of people needing basic necessities. ADRA works to get them back on their feet again by not only responding quickly, but following up with long-term support.

ADRA is currently one of the leading non-governmental relief organizations in the world. In 1997 the agency was granted General Consultative Status by the United Nations, a unique opportunity giving ADRA added voice in the international community. Last year ADRA assisted nearly 24 million people with more than US$159 million in aid. More than 4,000 ADRA staff members currently work in 125 countries. As new challenges and needs arise, ADRA continues to strive to realize its mission of reflecting God's love through compassionate acts of humanitarian service.


  1. Good shots and interesting information about the organization. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. Photos and info are great ~ Wonderful social service agency ~

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  3. sounds like a fine ASSOCIATION

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. All of these NGO's are so important.
    Your's is doing so much good. Giving those less fortunate a way of becoming self sustaning is the way to go.

  5. I commend you for advertising their wonderful works and for supporting them.

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  6. Hi Richies! This is a terrific post and very important. The way people are helped by your organization is unique, for these people get their feeling of self esteem back, which is so important in life! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a marvellous organisation! Love the focus on helping people to begin a lifestyle and keep going! A great idea! Far better than just supplying money!

  8. What a great idea for a post. Thank you for this AWESOME information.

  9. Great service provided by them.

  10. Thank you for describing ADRA. This is my first time to really get some facts about them. Having been educated in SDA schools (and attended the church too) I thought I knew enough, but really didn't. This was a good read for me.

  11. Sounds like a great organisation, access to clean water and self sufficiency is a wonderful objective.

  12. The ADRA seems a great idea and practice to help those people!

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