Saturday, January 5, 2013

William Rainey Photography Show

Local Mena photographer, William Rainey, is being featured at the Mena Art Gallery in a photography show from January 2nd - February 1st. My wife and I attended the reception this afternoon.

William specializes in capturing the beautiful Arkansas outdoors.  He says of his passion for photography, “It allows me to capture the natural beauty of Arkansas and share it with others. Now when I go on an outdoor adventure, I can capture what I see and bring it back with me. I don't have to rely on words to tell others what I experienced, I can show them.”

William offers private instruction for photographers as well as guided day trips to scenic spots in the Ouachita Mountains surrounding Mena and the Buffalo River area of northern Arkansas.  For more information on private instruction or guided trips go to - The website also offers the ability to browse and purchase his photos.

I really enjoyed seeing his photos in such a large format.  They were very striking.  One of William's passions is black and white photography.  Here are a couple of his black and white photos.

If you are interested in photography take a few moments and look through William Rainey's photos and you will be able to see the beauty that is Arkansas through his eyes.


  1. What lovely photos! Some day, maybe, I can do that!

  2. Wow, he makes very good photographs.

  3. Amazing photography. Very special. How lovely you could go to the opening!

    I think a lot of Australians would willingly swap some heat for some of your cold this week. Things are looking pretty dire for many areas with the current heatwave ..from terrible bush fires in Tasmania, through New South Wales, where they are to have record temperatures today. On Wednesday the heat creeps up to Queensland where it is predicted to be 41 degrees Celsius ...with some 36's before and after on the weekend. A little too hot for my liking.

    Have enjoyed catching up with your blog. God bless you and yours for 2013.

  4. totally stunning pictures! I just loved the first one...amazing!

    thanks for dropping by!

  5. Hello Rich,
    How glad I am seeing you in my corner. It's been awhile.

    How's everyone? Hope you had a great moment with loveones.

    Have a blessed 2013 and hope to see you again.

    /CC girl

  6. Fabulous captures of your beautiful area.

    Happy New Year Rich (my first follower!)