Monday, April 29, 2013


P is for Possibilities.

While I was playing with Flickr Toys I used the Motivator Tool. I made the following poster using a picture of my granddaughter.


Possibilities are everywhere. Each one of us is dealt a hand. We are in control of the possibilities.

Playing Cards

Our outlook on life is determined by how big our view of the world is. Our view hinges on the size of the window we see the world through. How big is your view. What are the possibilities? Does your window on the world look like this?


Or does it look like this?

Impressive View

I hope that you have a magnificent view of the world, and that you can see that the possibilities are endless. If we would all determine to never limit our imagination, to open our eyes to the possibilities all around us, the results would be amazing!


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  1. Aren't little girls adorable?
    So cute :)

  2. a good, POSITIVE message!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. How great, yes I agree the possibilities are endless in what we can achieve. The daughter is gorgeous.

  4. Good post, Richie! I love the windows with the panoramic view.

    I also was looking at your top-of-the-blog photo and thinking that probably very few people today know who Lum and Abner were, or maybe even who Queen Wilhelmina was. She abdicated in 1948, I believe, after nealry 60 years on the Dutch throne so that her daughter Juliana could become queen of the Netherlands (Juliana did the same thing for her daughter Beatrix, who has recently done the same thing for her own daughter). Marietta, Georgia, where I lived for many years before moving to Cherokee County, is the home of actress Joanne Woodward (wife of Paul Newman), but people nowadays rarely think of her and know it as the home of Travis Tritt and Ty Pennington. Time marches on.

  5. But back to the point of your post. This song could be its theme song.