Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Edge of Light

My favorite band is Smokey and the Mirror. I have seen them in concert many times. The most recent concert that I attended was last month at South on Main in downtown Little Rock. Because I am so familiar with their music, I always find it interesting to hear a new song for the first time. The South on Main concert was the first time I heard the song, The Edge of Night. I really like the new song.  It was one of several songs that I videoed that night.

Recently Bryan Hembree of Smokey and the Mirror posted a story about the song, The Edge of Night on social media. The story filled the song with new meaning and understanding for me. I contacted Bryan and asked him for permission to share his story on An Arkie's Musings. He graciously agreed. This is his story.

"Last May, Bayard Blain and I got caught on the road in the middle of a tornado on the road to the Kerrville Folk Festival. I was terrified. There I was with my good buddy, in the Sprinter van. Bayard had been a co-pilot and travel partner for at least 50,000 miles in that same van and I had never felt so sure that it might be the last mile. I had visions of 12 beautiful guitars in shards strewn out across the Oklahoma prairie." (Bayard is an amazing luthier who builds beautiful one of a kind custom instruments.)

Bryan continued, "ultimately, we made it through. An answered prayer. The next day I started noodling on a new song. Johann Wagner and I stole away and in an hour we had finished it. Bernice and I just started playing in at our last few shows."

He concluded his post by saying, "may we all find our way out of the darkness. I believe in you. I believe in the human spirit." To that, I add a hearty Amen!

If you enjoy meaningful singer-songwriter music you can listen to Smokey and the Mirror's latest album, Thin Black Line, by clicking here.

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