Monday, June 2, 2014


U is for unread.  I love books and the way they feel and smell and look. I collect old books.  It is so much easier to buy books than it is to find the time to read them.

When I was a kid my favorite place was the Public Library. During the time I was in school I read just about every book in the kids section of the public library in the town of Longmont, Colorado. I still remember being disappointed that I was only allowed to check out three books at a time. I also didn't understand why I couldn't check out books from the adult section on my kids library card. I would take my three books home and have them read in a day or two and then begged my Mama to take me back to the library. I kept a flashlight handy for reading after I was supposed to be asleep. The Longmont Public Library was my access to knowledge.

My house is full of books, many of them unread.  I have resolved to stop buying books since I have so many unread books already.  Even though I have slowed down on buying books, a few years ago I bought a Kindle e-reader.

Buying the Kindle only made my unread book problem worse.  There are a huge amount of free books that are available for e-readers. There are over 6 million free books that are available to read on my Kindle. There were so many books that I have never even seen a copy of, yet are now easily available. I love history, and the amount of historical material that is available is staggering. To get an idea of what is available go here.

I'm  not sure what I can do to solve my unread book problem.  There are too many books and not enough time to read them.

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  1. You are a woman of my own heart I should have been a librarian I love books.
    I have so many as well I feel sorry for people who will never know the joy of touching paper and holding a copy of a wonderful book.

  2. Love to read.
    Yes, I have to admit to having a pile of Unread books too.
    I see you have The Five Little Peppers on your bookshelf. That was a favorite of mine way back in the "Dark Ages."

  3. There are piles of books around our beds waiting to be unread and then after having been read, are placed carefully in the bookcase waiting to be reread! But so many people are getting those devices now that it would be cheaper to buy the books online. But....I just can't imagine not turning pages that smell so goooooood! And I sometimes like to make notes in the margins of the pages. *sigh* What to do???

    abcw team

    1. Yup. AND I keep BUYING books, tho many are already unread!

      ROG, ABCW

  4. I love books but I have quite a few that also remains unread.

    frankly my dear

  5. I love books and find them the Ultimate companions ( I am not a geek of course) . With the age of gadgets, the love for books and reading is reducing and that's an UGLY fact

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

  6. I have about six unread books which I religiously take on holiday with me with the intention of reading....Doesn't happen...As my laptop comes too...It seems to be something I can't live without but then, I do read a lot from my PC... but I do love the smell of a new book...I promise to read at least one book whilst I'm away ! best wishes Di.x

  7. I totally agree. buying them is so much easier than finding time to read them. But I do love books. :D I try to make time for it, but after a long day's work I'm just too tired!! Haha, and no, nothing compares to a real book's smell and feel! E-books can't replace that. :P

  8. Looks like you have some beautiful old books--my very favorite. I have not gone to e-books yet and probably wont.