Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blooms In Mena

Spring In Mena 8

I spent this beautiful sunny morning taking pictures of the spring blooms in my hometown of Mena, Arkansas. I was struck by the beauty of Mena this time of year, especially given that one year ago the town was devastated by a tornado. Even though Mena has changed a lot because of last years tornado, springtime brings a renewal that is refreshing.

Spring In Mena 25

The wisteria is in bloom around town. Wisteria is such a beautiful flower to come from such twisted vines. They seem so exotic.

Spring In Mena 22

Spring In Mena 2

Spring In Mena 24

Spring In Mena 17

When the redbud trees bloom I feel that spring is really here. I look forward to their blooms each year. This year the redbuds have been simply beautiful.

Spring In Mena 26

Spring In Mena 11

Spring In Mena 32

Spring In Mena 27

The most famous blooming tree in our area is the dogwood. With it's big showy flowers the dogwood is beautiful. There is a legend about the dogwood tree being the wood used for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Even though the legend is not true (the dogwood does not grow in Palestine) it is an interesting story. The legend says that Christ caused the flowers of the dogwood to be a reminder of the cross on which He died. He allegedly did this by giving the flower two long and two short petals, and to have what look like nail prints on the petals to remind us that Christ suffered on the cross with nails through His hands. Even though it is just a legend, every time I see a dogwood in bloom I am reminded of what Jesus did for me. Right now there are many reminders here in Mena.

Spring In Mena 33

Spring In Mena 31

Spring In Mena 15

Spring In Mena 9

Spring In Mena 18

All wild dogwoods are white, but cultivated dogwoods have also been developed with pink blooms. There are many pink dogwoods around town.

Spring In Mena 4

Spring In Mena

Spring In Mena 23

Mena is basking in the glow of springtime. I am lucky to be able to live in a community that has pulled together to rebuild after last years tornado. When we are going through winter we know that spring is coming, just as Mena has gone through a winter experience, but now spring is here and Mena is beautiful.

Spring In Mena 3

Spring In Mena 7

Spring In Mena 14

Spring In Mena 30

Spring In Mena 29


  1. Mena looks absolutely beautiful! Put about a million Menas together, and what do you have? Metro Atlanta!

    Did you know that wisteria will choke out a tree and kill it eventually? It's best planted alone or along a fence. But where it can twist around a tree? I wouldn't advise it.

  2. Mena is beautiful :)
    Hi from Shutterbug!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! The first comment made me laugh, because I was thinking that it reminds me of "home", which is Metro Atlanta! We have some dogwoods here, but not like those. Japanese gardeners love to straighten out the trunk rather than letting them grow naturally (it's really a matter of lack of space, I think). I miss good old American dogwoods!

  4. Wow beautiful photos of the flowers. Spring is beautiful. I do follow your blog although I dont comment on them. :) Have a nice day.

  5. Immensely beautiful images of Spring!
    I miss dogwoods most of all. I have found a couple of them in the Botanical Gardens of one of the Universities here, and the one or other in private Gardens. The woods behind our house in the States was full of wild growing trees, the white blossoms shining between the tree trunks of the taller trees, a joy to behodl.
    The last picture with the steps leading up to the house is spectacular, as is the single wisteria hanging from the fence.
    A happy and safe spring to you and all of yours,

  6. Oh how lovely! Spring has definitely arrived in your town.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, nice to meet you. :)

  7. Lots of lovely blooms! I love that Wisteria! So gorgeous. I'm glad that the town is recovering from the tornado. They cause such destruction!

  8. You are showing us here the REAL spring with all those wonderful pretty wisterias and blooming dogwood trees. Thanks for sharing these nice photos, I enjoyed them all!