Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1946 Mercury Pickup For Sale

1946 Mercury Pickup
1946 Mercury Pickup, rare Canadian only model, runs good - 15,500.00

A little history of the Mercury Pickup.

Mercury trucks first came to the market in 1946. When production of Ford vehicles started after WWII, Canadian truck buyers had a choice of either the Ford nameplate or the Mercury nameplates on trucks built in Canada. Because smaller Canadian towns had either a Ford-Monarch or Lincoln-Mercury-Meteor dealer, but not both, the Lincoln-Mercury-Meteor network got the Mercury truck.

Canadian-made Ford and Mercury trucks differed, for the most part, only cosmetically. Many years it was just "Mercury" versus "Ford" letters on the hoods and pickup tailgates, plus distinctive medallions that set them apart. The only years that the Mercury truck had it own distinctive look were 1946 and 1947. In thos years the Mercury trucks were treated to a heavily-chromed grille and bumper treatment, compared to the Ford's plain looks.

1946 Mercury Pickup Grille

In 1946 there were 2,074 Mercury truck units produced 1/2 ton through 1 ton. The peak year for Mercury truck production was 1952 with 12,676 sold. The need for a dual marketing network was eliminated with the Automotive Trade Agreement signed by the United States and Canada in 1965. The free-flow across the border brought the phase-out of the Mercury trucks with 1968 being the last year they were produced.

You can own this unique low production truck. Give Bob a call at:
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  1. it must be a collectors item.. in my country it would probably be displayed in some business premises as part of the decor

  2. Looks great and sounds like a good bargain,
    seeing the trouble more modern car manufacturers are having lately. ;-)