Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tulips, Tulips, Tulips

Gina and I

This weekend Gina and I visited Garvin Woodland Gardens. The Gardens were the dream of Verna Cook Garvan. The site for Garvan Woodland Gardens was purchased in the 1920's. In 1956 Mrs. Garvin began to develop it as a garden and possible future residence. She was intimately familiar with the land and laid out each path, marking every tree to be removed. She also personally chose each new plant and selected its location.

Garvin Woodland Gardens 6

The peak tulip viewing times at the gardens are March 15 through April 10. Garvin Woodland gardens are beautiful anytime of the year, but I think that the tulip season is quite possibly the best.

Garvin Woodland Gardens 13

Garvin Woodland Gardens is the largest remaining undeveloped tract of land on Lake Hamilton, the Mid-South's most popular recreational Lake. There are nearly three miles of recreational trails.

Garvin Woodland Gardens 7

Garvin Woodland Gardens 2

There are enough ornamental trees to plant an avenue over two miles long with a tree every twenty feet. There are 65 different varieties of Asian maple.


Garvin Woodland gardens has over 2,000 azaleas of 160 varieties, or enough to completely cover over an acre spaced five feet on center. There are 128 species of ornamental native shrubs and wildflowers and over 300 varieties of flowering perennials and groundcovers.

Garvin Woodland Gardens 3

Azaleas at Garvin Woodland Gardens Hot Springs Arkansas

But the tulips are the best. Tulips, tulips, tulips.

Garvin Woodland Gardens 16

Garvin Woodland Gardens 8

Garvin Woodland Gardens 10

Garvin Woodland Gardens 15


  1. Oh, my! What a gorgeous place! I would have taken so many photos, I would never have been able to decide what to post! Wonderful!