Friday, April 2, 2010

Car Art

Caddy Taillight

I enjoy manipulating photos that I have taken to make them look like paintings or drawings. Here are some of my favorites

1939 Lincoln
This is a 1939 Lincoln that we sold a few years ago.

1950 Cadillac
1950 Cadillac that we used to own.

1942 Desoto
The 1942 Desoto was so wild and unusual with its hidden headlights, that it lends itself to this psychedelic interpretation.

1959 Edsel
The 1959 Edsel was supposed to lead us into the future. This futuristic outer space depiction fits the Edsel well.

1933 Plymouth
This 1933 Plymouth street rod was built here in Mena, Arkansas and is still seen on the local streets.

1950 Studebaker
I took a picture of this 1950 Studebaker street rod at the Wilhelmina Rod Run.


  1. Very cool! I will have to show these to Mike.

  2. These images are spectacular, truly works of art!