Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Free Book

I am new to self-publishing. I published my first book in the spring of 2017, and just released my third book. I have learned a lot in the last year and a half; at least I hope that I have learned from my mistakes. One of the first things that I discovered was how hard it is to self-edit. By the time that I have written and re-written a story, I am so familiar with it that it is hard to see typos and poorly written elements. My mind sees the page as it should be instead of how it actually is.

The second thing that I discovered is how uncomfortable I am with self-promotion. There is a line from the movie Field of Dreams that says, "if you build it, he will come." In popular culture, the line is more often misquoted as "if you build it, they will come." I must admit that I had that mindset when I published my book. I now have a book, surely people will come and purchase it.

The reality that every author, musician, artist or other creative person faces is that if you don't promote yourself, nobody will. Self-promotion is a necessity even if it is an uncomfortable one. No one likes a braggart, and self-promotion seems a bit like bragging. Look at me! Look what I have done!

Sometimes friends and acquaintances mistake promotion as being too full of yourself. But there is no other way to let people know that you have something that they might be interested in. I think that the reason that many authors, musicians, etc. are uncomfortable with self-promotion - and aren't very good at it - is a lack of self-confidence. Should anybody care about what I have created? Is it worth anyone's time or money? What will people think about what I am trying to promote? Just about anyone who creates something has doubts about how good it is.

If you are confident that you have a good product, it is a fine line between having confidence in what you are promoting and appearing to be full of yourself. I am trying to walk that fine line as I promote my new book.

I am quite aware that I have a lot of room for improvement as a writer, but in my latest book, I believe that I bring a unique perspective to a very crowded genre. There are lots of people writing about spiritual things. I use personal experiences, local events, and national news as a way to bring out spiritual truths in the short devotionals included in my book. Each story ends with a simple, uncomplicated point and is around 1,000 words in length so that the book can be read a few minutes at a time.

As a part of my promotion for the book, Causing a Splash - Devotionals from a small town book three, I am offering a download of the Kindle version on Amazon for free through midnight, October 20, 2018. You can read it at no cost to you other than time. Don't let my uncomfortable self-promotion have been in vain. Go to Amazon and download your free copy of Causing a Splash. If you would like a paperback copy, it is available through the end of October for just $4.69.

To check out my other books you can go to my Amazon author page.


  1. Congrats on releasing another book! Yeah, marketing is tough, but comes with the job. It does get easier. Yay, you!

  2. P.S. Tim Grahl has a free newsletter where he regularly gives marketing advice to authors. His methods are authentic and something anyone can do. I've learned a lot from him.