Friday, September 4, 2009

Polk County Fair

Polk County Fair 27

Thursday night Gina and I went to the Polk County Fair. In a small community like Mena, the County Fair is one of the highlights of the year. Everybody attends the fair. The kids are all excited for the carnival to come to town. There are animals, exhibits, booths rides and lots of fun.

Polk County Fair 26

Polk County Fair 25

We enjoy looking at the exhibits from the local schools. We used to know lots of kids here in town and would look for their exhibits. Now we are getting so old that we don't know many kids, but we enjoy looking at everything; the flowers, the vegetables, the quilts, the photography.

Polk County Fair 24

Polk County Fair 23

Polk County Fair 22

Polk County Fair 21

Polk County Fair 20

Polk County Fair 19

One of our favorite things to do is go to the animal barn. The kids work so hard at displaying their animals. We got a kick out of watching kids out beside the barn working on their roping skills. While we were there they were judging the sheep. I had to laugh because the judging was running late because the judge got lost on his way to the fair. Gina made lots of friends with the animals. It is nice to see all of the animals, but we didn't spend much time looking at the chickens because of the overbearing odor. The pig named "Bacon" made me smile. I guess everyone is clear on "Bacon"s future.

Polk County Fair 18

Polk County Fair 17

Polk County Fair 16

Polk County Fair 15

Polk County Fair 14

Polk County Fair 13

Polk County Fair 12

Polk County Fair 11

Polk County Fair 10

Polk County Fair 9

It seems like everyone has a good time at the fair. We got to see lots of people we knew. Gina seemed to know everyone there. I guess it's good to be the Credit Union lady. The attendance seemed to be a bit down the night we went, but it was probably because it had rained a lot. the parking area was a muddy mess, but we were able to get around the fair without to much trouble.

Polk County Fair 8

Polk County Fair 7

Polk County Fair 6

Polk County Fair 5

As the sun began to go down the midway and carnival rides started getting busy. It was really pretty to see the rides against the colorful sunset sky.

Polk County Fair 4

Polk County Fair 3

Polk County Fair 2

Polk County Fair 1

If you have never experienced a small county fair you have really missed out on one of life's little pleasures!


  1. Oi, I'm feeling queezy from those videos. :)
    But you got really special photos of some special moments. Love the goat pictures.
    That is a lovely canoe.
    The only such fair I ever saw in America was in Perryville. Not half as big as yours.
    Thanks for the fun post, Richie. Shabbat shalom.

  2. It looks like a lively and colourful festival.

  3. Yes, I certainly agree, small town fairs are the best! Good to catch up have been around a evening with Sir Paul and all...good on you!

    Thanks for visiting my Color Purple challenge photos...!!

  4. Thanks. My kid and i enjoyed this post so much. Also the videos.

  5. That is a nice county fair. I loved that canoe which appeared handhewn. Beautiful. But don't think I would put in the water!!! Too beautiful..

    After reading some of your other blogs you might enjoy friends of ours who are missionaries in Panama--not same church but experiences you might relate to.

    Riverside in Panama,

    read some of their early blogs. There is one on shopping that really cracks me up.

    Thanks for visiting. NitWit1

  6. Hi, I came over from Dinas of Jerusalem Hills daily photo. My husband and I live in Jonesboro Ar in Craighead Co. Great post.

  7. Great post again, Richies!

    This all reminded me so much to my own childhood.I was grown up in a small country town too. Every fall the country fare was a big happening especially for us kids. After the fare the circus came to play their last shows before they went into their winter place.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sue's Daily Photography

  8. I think I've been in Mena before. Love all your pictures of the fair!

  9. Great pictures, Richie! America is alive and well in Mena, Arkansas....

  10. We had a small fair/carnival here last week for 4 days but it still was much smaller than this one but nonetheless it was still fun considering the population of our area so I can understand how much fun these can be. I wouldn't mind experiencing a little bit bigger, I think it would be much funner for sure!

  11. Oh my goodness Richie! LOVE the fair pictures. Especially love Bacon. Poor thing. He looks like he doesn't have a care in the world though : ) That is nice to know! I always love to go to the fair at my Aunt and Uncles house. It is fun to see the animals and the exhibits! And most of all the people in the community. Very special!

  12. Glad Gina and you had a wonderful day...hope the curly fries were good and yummy...these are beautiful pictures you posted..I love these communities events and the opportunity to