Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Is For Ice

It's time again For ABC Wednesday. If you aren't participating in ABC Wednesday, you are missing out on a lot of fun. This week the letter is "I". I is for ice. Here are some ice photos to cool you down a bit.

Ice Ice

Winter Rocker

Icy Fence

Stone Cold Picnic

Icy Landscape

Ice Lace

Ice 2


Ice 3

Winter View

As beautiful as ice can be, I am ready to put the ice behind me for another year and look forward to spring.


  1. Chilling! Really!! They are beautiful, I especially like the rocking chair although I wouldn't want to rock in it.

  2. What great ice pictures. I love the rocking chair and the little icicles hanging from the railing. We have lots of snow and ice where I am too!

  3. Those are some good icy ones. I like the rocking chair best. It just seems so out of place to be covered in ice.

  4. Ice is so beautiful. Nature's diamonds : ). Brilliant I : ).

  5. Very fine photos. Lovely views. I, too, am ready for something besides snow and ice. Beautiful, but...enough is enough. Beautiful post!

  6. You sure have a lot of icicles. They are all beautifully photographed. Hope it is getting warmer for you now

  7. Wow, you do have cold winters there, don't you? I wouldn't want to sit in that chair!

  8. why i love how beautiful Ice is, I whole heartedly agree I can't wait for summer or atleast a little more spring.

  9. Brrrrrr! You made me shiver with those pics.. but they are so beautiful, how could I complain! Great post x

  10. Just beautiful! I am always fasinated by how ice forms in so many different ways. I love the rocking chair. Don't think I would set my hind end on that cold ice but it does make for a beautiful and thoughful picture to look at.