Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why I Blog

When I ran across this cartoon, it made me think about why I blog. It is certainly not for the money. I'm not sure why I blog. I haven't been doing it long, less than 3 months. In a way it is kind of like a diary or journal. I guess that it feels good to leave some kind of mark. Some way for people to actually know you exist and have done something. Maybe it because my memory is so poor, I feel that blogging can help my memory.

I know that I am not blogging for the money, but the benefits have been many. I have met, if you can call typing on the computer meeting, many wonderful people. With all of the ugliness we see and hear about in the world, it is nice to get to know wonderful people from all parts of the world.

I'm still trying to figure out why I blog, and if it is worth the investment of time. In less than three months it has become an important part of my life, so I imagine blogging is here to stay.

Probably the most important reason that I blog is to let the world know how great my grandkids are. I just got to spend four days with them, and it was marvelous. They just left a few hours ago, and I miss them already.


So, why do you blog?


  1. Isn't that the truth about blogging? I too have met many, many people, albeit in cyberspace, but some whom I will meet for sure when I travel to the US. I wish I'd started sooner...!

  2. Just realized I didn't answer your question. I blog to break stereotypes about Serbs. That was my main reason. I enjoy teaching people about places/things I'm familiar with, and of course, I love to browse others' blogs to learn, too.

  3. And your grandchildren are beautiful.Mine lives far away and I meets them one or two times a yer.Miss them a lot,but I know they and their parents are well,and that`s what counts for us!
    Isn`n the blogging fun,I love it,and it`s so fun to have blogfriends from all over the world.It`s a lot of lovely people out there.
    have a nice day.

  4. I have two reasons for blogging. 1. I used to do alot of writing when I was in the corporate world and this fills that void. I simply love to write. 2. Living out in the sticks like I do, I don't get to communicate with people that much on a regular basis. I love the communication aspect and the fact you see so many interesting pictures of places and meet people you otherwise would never have known.

  5. I know why I blog. At first, it was curiosity about blogs. And when I knew how to blog, I began to show places and food in my country to my texas friend and vice versa and then I meet more friends. And I am still blogging. :)

  6. You got cute grand children. From the photo profile of yourself, you don't look like a grandpa yet.
    And why I blog ? I just feel good. Definitely not for the money. I don't even know how to generate them through blogging even though I tried. But the best part is that I get to know nice people like you. So, keep on blogging buddy !

  7. I blog for several reasons...
    1. I love to write.
    2. It is entertaining.
    3. It has helped me not feel so lonely as a sahm out in the country.
    4. I truly cherish all my bloggy friends and love hearing from them.
    5. It keeps my Lil Sis in NC up to date with our little family. We have become reconnected since she started reading my blog.
    I am sure there are more too...

  8. it s good topic to discuss but everyone got their own valid reason but the most important whatever you do will make you and your life more meaningfull. cheers

  9. I love to show my photography and to know that they make my visitors happy when they looking at them and that means a lot for me! :)