Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bonsall, California

When Daddy was going through Momma's things after she passed away, he found a notebook where she had written some memories. The first page had the heading, Bonsal, CA.


Dot and I went to the neighbors. When we were called, we didn’t go home right away. Daddy came after us. I ran ahead, and Daddy spanked Dot’s legs all the way home.

One day I slammed the door, and Mommy made me sit and wait for Daddy to get home and punish me.

I was told if I was unhappy at home I could leave. I walked down the road a ways but came back and stood outside the door. I asked my mother what I would eat and what I would wear and where would I sleep. She told me that would be my problem, so I decided that home was the place to stay.

Daddy worked on a fruit ranch, so we had all of the oranges we could eat. The doctor had to limit me on how many oranges I should eat a day. 

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