Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tornado Photos

Here are a few pictures taken yesterday afternoon. Pictures can't really give you the feel of the actual scene.











  1. Just blood-chilling to see and contemplate, Richie.

  2. Terrible! With that degree of devastation, it's a wonder that even more deaths and injuries did not occur. You folks will continue in my prayers.

  3. It really lpoks bad. I hope that you are all ok.

  4. Such devastation, Richie, and difficult to look at. I have tried to understand natural disasters but it is difficult...the world was of course affected by The Fall and all of nature groans for the resurrection. Satan fell to earth and Jesus called him "the prince of the power of the air" and "the god of this world" so I believe Satan causes such things, but nothing happens without God's knowledge and permission, and He is aware of our plight and has His reasons, which one day we will know. In the meantime, Romans 8:28 is what we have to cling to. To my mind, Satan has deceived so many by getting mankind to refer to such tragedies as "acts of God."

    I'm still rather conflicted about it all, but as a Christian and person of faith in Jesus Christ I must trust. I'm not good at describing what I feel (isn't that a surprise!). What pains me is when people say, "If God could [fill in the blank] then I'll have nothing to do with a God like that." I suppose many Jewish people feel just that way about the Holocaust.

    Can you share your thoughts in a post? It would be especially meaningful to many just now, I think, because you are a resident of Mena.

  5. It is a hard thing but we are taught to do it anyway. When a Jew hears bad news (a death, a tornado . . .), his/her first reaction must be the blessing "Baruch dayan emet," Blessed is the righteous Judge. Even though is sounds like a contradiction, even though the tragedy cannot be understood by us humans.

  6. The devastation is profound...I am truly sorry...praying for you~Janine

  7. So thankful that you guys are ok. We will keep you in our prayers as the clean up and restoration begin.

  8. Rich, I am so so sorry. SO sorry! I am glad you are okay but, as with many others, I will be praying for you and your community. So much devestation, I cannot imagine. Much love to you and everyone there.