Sunday, November 14, 2010

Autumn Beauty

Autumn 2

I really love Autumn and how much beauty is in Autumn. I also like Fall and the colorful foliage. My oldest granddaughter is named Autumn and she is beautiful! Recently my daughter placed some photos on Facebook that she titled "Autumn (the season)".

As beautiful as my granddaughter Autumn is, this post is to showcase the beauty of Autumn (the season). It has been an unusual year. Usually the color is almost gone by this time of year. My wife said "The hills are alive with color. I thought we weren't going to have a very pretty fall this year but God wasn't finished yet". She sure was right. Recently I took some photos of of the Autumn foliage in my town of Mena, Arkansas. I would like to share some of them with you.

Autumn Beauty

Mena Color 2

Mena Color

As I drove to work I photographed some of the places that I drive by every day.

Mena Street

Mena Depot


God can make even a junkyard beautiful. I took these photos behind my shop where we keep the vehicles that some people consider junk.

Rusted Splendor

Hidden Treasure

Junkyard Color

Kaiser in Fall

The Kansas City Southern railroad tracks run right behind my shop. I climbed up to the tracks to take these photos.

Into Color

Rails of Color

On The Tracks

I don't really like winter and cold weather. I have always thought that the beautiful Autumn colors kind of makes up for the cold weather that I know is coming. This year the Autumn beauty has been nothing less than spectacular!

Autumn Beauty 2

Splash of Color

Cemetary Color


  1. Spectacular colors !
    Isn't Autumn just the grandest time of the year.
    Your granddaughter is just precious, her name fits her perfect ;)

  2. Love these pictures. The colors have been beautiful at our house as well.

  3. This year really has been tricky hasn't it? Our colors aren't as bright as yours but they really did pick up this last week. Suddenly the browns had flashes of red, yellow and orange. What a nice surprise.
    I did go about 60 miles north a few days ago and fall is over there. The trees are bare.
    Enjoy while you can. Really nice shots.

  4. Gorgeous, Rich! You have two beautiful Autumns in your life, don't you? Thank you for sharing -- especially the railroad track pics. :)

  5. Our colors were not so brilliant this year, although things here have improved a bit lately, just before the leaves disappear altogether.

    Gorgeous photos all.

  6. Amazing color!!! After a horribly hot summer, I also thought that we wouldn't get much in the way of fall beauty this year. It has been even more delightful to have it unfold late, and just when we had almost given up!

    I have to say that, while I love fall, your Autumn is even more beautiful! :o)

  7. Oh, Rich!!! These are spectacular!!! I especially love the ones with the railroad tracks!! Now those inspire me to paint!!! And YES!! Your granddaughter is indeed beautiful!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings to you and yours, Janine

  8. I adore the beautiful brights of your fall pictures. Ours just went from brown to down this year...we were so very dry and our trees were really stressed.

    Now, that precious little Autumn beauty can't be beat. What a sweetheart she is!

    God bless ya and have a stupendous day man!