Thursday, December 11, 2008

One Person's Dream Is Another's Nightmare

This morning I was laying in bed in the blissful state of almost awake but not quite. I new that it was just about time to get up, but I was enjoying the warm blanket and soft bed. As I was trying to get the courage to leave the warm comfy nest, I was jarred completely awake by the phone.

Cynda was on the phone, calling from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, very excited because it was snowing. School had been canceled. I could hear my granddaughter in the background squealing with delight. It was the first snowfall with accumulation in the area since the late 1980's. 20 years without a snowfall. Can you imagine that.


I have to confess that I hate snow. I dislike cold weather and all things associated with it. I can see the beauty of snow, but I really dislike having to work in it. I think that having to work in the cold is the reason I hate it so much. Fortunately we do not have very much cold weather here in Arkansas.

March Snow

We usually have at least one good snowfall each year. It has snowed once this fall, but there was no accumulation. We did have a seven inch snowfall in March of this year. It would be fine with me if we didn't have another snowfall this year.

It is interesting that the same thing can bring about such different responses in people. What causes one person to squeal with delight, causes another, me, to grumble and be grumpy all day.

On December 31, 2001, we had a light snowfall here in Mena. It was Cynda and Dave's wedding day. When the ceremony was over and Cynda and Dave walked out of the sanctuary a married couple, I heard Cynda squeal with delight when she reached the foyer of the church. Through the glass doors to the church she could see snow falling. It was just a light dusting of snow, but it was beautiful. Daddy's 1941 Packard, that would take the newlyweds to the reception, looked beautiful with a light blanket of snow covering it. To Cynda, the snowfall was like frosting on an already perfect day.

Cynda and Dave

I try to think of pleasant memories like that one when I get up in the morning and it looks like a dismal winter day. One person's dream is another's nightmare.


  1. I enjoyed your post and the photos. The last one is wonderful, and it's nice that the bride was pleased. Snow can be very exciting... for some folks. My middle daughter, Jean, used to pray (literally) for snow, from the time she was a small child to, perhaps, the present. When it snowed very much, school was cancelled, but Mom had to drive to work 13 miles away, snow or no snow. In the almost 30 years I worked in Little Rock, I missed one day on account of snow. That was not that I wouldn't have been able to get there, but that the sitter for my invalid mother could not get to my home.

  2. Wow, a snowy wedding day! What an amazing surprise and a wonderful treat. :) Nice!

    CrAzY Working Mom

  3. I did a lot of weddings in my whole courier but I had never the chance to do one in snow, I think I was missing a big challenge :)

    I heard about the snow in LA and I think it's a great experience for your granddaughter to see the white blanket all over. I have not seen snow the last 8 years now, I wish to see it one day again.:)


    Sue's Daily Photography

  4. Awesome snowy day for a wedding.
    It's summer here but has been about 9 degrees Celcius below average for this time of year. Yesterday was a nice sunny 23 deg day & today is raining & cold....

  5. It will be all the more memorable to the bride now! Beautiful pictures.

  6. Such beautiful photos. I thought the first one was somewhere in Europe at first.

  7. I heard about all the snow in Louisiana, kind of a anomaly. I personally love the snow, it's the ice storms I hate. And we had 3 of them last year! Thanks for visiting my blog, I've put you on my watchlist.