Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In the Fog

In December, I published my second book in the Devotionals from a small town series titled, In the Fog. I write a weekly column for the Religion section of The Mena Star. In August 2015, the newspaper hired Sarah Wilson, a young journalist from Louisiana, as editor of the paper. Her very first issue included an article she wrote about the upcoming county fair. She contacted me and asked if she could use some photos of the fair that she had found on this blog. From this contact, they developed a working relationship. Sarah was happy to include articles that I contributed to the paper.

In December 2015, Sarah called me and outlined a plan that she had for the newspaper in the new year. She was planning on a weekly column for the religion page written by a local writer instead of using a syndicated column. From reading my blog, she knew that I often wrote on spiritual topics. Sarah asked me if I would be willing to commit to writing a weekly column. I agreed, and the new column, An Arkie’s Faith, premiered on January 7, 2016, with an article titled One Little Candle.

Over the past two years, I have used personal experiences, local events, and national news as a way to bring out spiritual truths. Feedback from the local community has been positive. I will continue to write the column through 2018.

In March 2017, I published a book titled The Little Things – Devotionals from a small town. The book contains devotionals taken from my weekly newspaper column. My new book, In the Fog, is the second in the Devotionals from a small town series. Both books are available on Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format at the links below.

In the Fog (paperback) - $3.58

In the Fog (kindle) - $0.99

The Little Things (paperback) - $3.58

The Little Things (kindle) - $0.99

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