Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Book Giveaway

Article by Jeri Pearson from the December 16, 2020, issue of The Polk County Pulse

Local author Richie Lawry has made 150 of his books free, thanks to an undisclosed donor. 

After receiving a check with the memo made out to "ministry," Lawry said he was confused at first. 

"I thought, well I don't have a ministry, per say," he said.” I wondered what I should do with the donation.”

However, Lawry does have a ministry. He has been compiling writings, which have been published into several books, as well as having an active blog since 2008 and contributing to local papers beginning in 2016.

His writings take everyday life and encounters and correlates the meanings he finds in interactions and situations with spiritual truths that are profound and uplifting.

By using his talent of storytelling and creative writing, coupled with his knowledge of scripture and love of people, Lawry has generated a following of people who look forward to his weekly column, An Arkie's Faith, which can be found in the Pulse.

His writing has an appeal that reaches across denominations and appeals to even the most anti-religious person. 

Lawry is the type of person who embodies the love of Christ and shares that love in a humble and genuine way, not only through his writing but also in person.

“After thinking about the donation and how to use it, I thought I'd use it to ship my books, free of charge, to anyone who wants one," Lawry said, noting he would only need to know the address for shipping.

In addition to his column in the Pulse, Lawry's writings can also be found on and Amazon.

Devotional publishings include The Little Things, In the Fog, Causing a Splash, Devotionals from a Small Town and Rusty Treasures, which can be found on Amazon. |

To request a free copy of Richard Lawry's devotionals, send your, or your loved one's, address to Lawry by calling (479) 394-9938, email:, or on Facebook @Richard Lawry.

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