Thursday, November 14, 2013


Recently while I was looking around an antique store, I came across this postcard.  I don't collect postcards, but there was something about this one that interested me.  The first thing was the subject matter.  The scene, Dam on the Ouachita River in Hot Springs, Arkansas, no longer exists because of the Blakely Mountain Dam that was built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in the early 50's to create Lake Ouachita.  I'm not sure of the date of the postcard, but it has to be before 1952 because it could be mailed for one cent.  Although the subject matter and age were interesting, what really grabbed my attention was the correspondence on the back.

It says, "Well I am still alive yet of course you know it is pretty hard to kill me.  How are crops out there.  I tell you if you come down in Arkansas and look at the land I bet you get back on the first train.  My I never seen such land.  I wouldn't stay down in Arkansas if they would deed me the whole state."  It just tickled my funny bone.  Never has a person been so unimpressed with Arkansas.  I'm quite certain that the writer of the postcard didn't settle in Arkansas.


  1. *smile*
    Great postcard, especially after I know both sides now! ;-)

  2. Wow! I wonder what he didn't like about the land?
    Is it really that bad?
    Are there no farms in Arkansas?

  3. Pretty postcard scene & too bad he was unimpressed with our beautiful state!