Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Practice Safe Lunch

S is for Signs. Whenever I have my camera with me I like to take pictures of unusual signs. This one taken in San Pedro Belize has to be one of my all time favorites. No we didn't eat there.


It seems like the maintenance men at King's Casino in Louisiana would have noticed that some maintenance was needed. It's a sin.

It's A Sin

Just because there is a restaurant and a motel on the same premises doesn't mean that they should share the sign. We were hungry, but not that hungry.

A Little To Expensive

Lake Leatherwood, near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is formed by one of the largest hand-cut native limestone dams in the country. The dam and several structures at the park were built in the early 1940s by the WPA. This sign on the lake appears to have been built in the 40's but I'm not quite sure why it was needed.

Good To Know

Here is a music video made from my pictures of signs. One of my favorite songs from the 70's is "Signs" by "The Five Man Electrical Band". It seemed like an appropriate song for this post. Take a look.

I took all of the sign photos in this post and in the video except this one that I found on the internet this morning.  Since I was posting about signs, I just had to add this one more.

Always make sure and read the fine print!

The ABC Wednesday Meme is a fun way to see some great blogs.


  1. great S and nice variety of signs.

  2. Always need to read the fine print!!

  3. Great signs - especially the last one with your fine print warning!!!

  4. Thanks Richie, this was a great post, real smile bringer on those signs and I enjoyed the toe-tapping music too. Have a great day :)

  5. Oh gosh! I remember that song! Love the signs and my favourites are the one about the church helping and the boy who will work for food! Great post, Richie!

    abcw team

  6. I love signage, and remember that song quite well.

  7. Thank you for a whole series of smiles!
    I'll be back to look at the video of, what, poison ivy restoration project????????

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I will have to save the link to get back here.