Monday, February 3, 2014

Dress Barn

One of my wife's favorite places to shop is Dress Barn.  The first Dress Barn was opened in 1962 in Stamford, Connecticut.  There are now over 800 locations in the U.S.

We live in a small town in rural Arkansas with limited shopping opportunities.  When we do go shopping we make a day of it and travel to either Fort Smith or Hot Springs which are both over 80 miles away.  When we make these shopping trips my wife likes to stop at Dress Barn.  I enjoy not going in to the store and instead like to sit in the car in the parking lot.

One day while I was sitting in the parking lot, I took a photo of the Dress Barn Store and posted it to Facebook and said, I'm at my favorite place - The Dress Barn Parking Lot.  I received many likes and comments.  It became expected for me to comment on my favorite thing.  Comments such as, "who needs the NFL playoff games when you have the Dress Barn parking lot" and "no place I would rather be than the Dress Barn parking lot.

Last fall we attended our 40th high school reunion.  While we were visiting with old friends, they insisted that we go to the Dress Barn and take photos.  We really didn't have time but we did it.

When we are travelling I make sure to stop by any Dress Barns that we come across.  This year I have been to Dress Barn parking lots in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado and Oregon.  My dear wife puts up with my little obsession even though many of the Dress Barns we have stopped at she hasn't even been inside.  During a recent visit to Oregon I stopped at three Dress Barns but she didn't shop at any of them.

While in Oregon we stayed at Glenedon Beach near Lincoln City.  I had several Facebook friends point out that there was a Dress Barn in Lincoln City.  I posted a beautiful sunrise photo and got the comment, "What, no Dress Barn in the proximity?!?!"

How many Dress Barn parking lots will I eventually visit?  I don't know. With over 800 locations I will be kept busy for a long time.

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  1. I quite enjoyed your Dress Barn Parking Lot tale, Richard. I've been inside the Hot Springs location with my lives-in-the-Village sister. The stores are quite attractive, really, and not bad camera fodder.

  2. Great idea for D week. I've never been in one but I hate to shot and mostly shop online at this point.Carver, ABCW Team

  3. Now that is really original!
    Love the quest you are on.
    We do have a Dress Barn in our city too.
    I keep forgetting it's there. I may need to stop by and take a look.

  4. LOL - great post, Rich! We don't have that store in Canada, but I'll definitely look for them if I'm ever in the states.

    abcw team

  5. Fun post! I finally found myself in a Dress Barn when I needed a dress for some photo ops. I was so surprised at what a nice selection they had. I was always a little put off by the name...

  6. Ha! I hate shopping too, and I would look for another venue as well!

  7. This definitely looks great place to shop.

  8. Well we have several I know of here around Kansas City, come on up and wait while she shops.