Saturday, October 5, 2013

Class of 73

One week ago my wife and I attended our 40th High School reunion. We both attended Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado and graduated in 1973.  It had been 30 years since we had been back for Alumni Weekend - we attended our ten year reunion.  As we pulled onto the campus of Campion Academy we were a bit nervous.  What would our old classmates be like?  Would we have anything in common?  Would we recognize them?  Would they recognize us?

As I parked the car and walked up to the registration table my apprehension was confirmed as I couldn't place the first person who spoke to me.  I'm so sorry, Ted.  Within just a few minutes all uneasiness melted away as old friends greeted us.  I was amazed as classmates bridged the forty years like it was no time at all. Conversations came easy even though I hadn't seen most of my classmates for at least thirty years.  

Classmates weren't the only people we reconnected with.  We also saw a number of people we had no idea we would see there.  The most fun for me was seeing Marlene Fernandez who attended the Fort Lupton SDA Church with her family when I was growing up.  It was great to see her and catch up on her family.  The extended Fernandez family were some of our closest friends during my childhood. 

Lunch for our class was provided by the current Junior Class of Campion Academy.  We had a great meal and continued our conversations.  

After the meal we gathered for a group photo.  There were 73 in our graduating class and 40 who made it to the reunion, an amazing percentage.  

During the afternoon we sat in a large circle and each person spent a few minutes telling about their lives after high school.  The most common topics seemed to be grandchildren and dogs.  It was a wonderful afternoon of reminiscing.  Some great stories were told and mysteries solved.  Six members of our class are no longer with us. We spent some time remembering each one of them.  As tired as we were of sitting in those chairs, no one seemed in a hurry to leave.  

That evening we gathered again in the home of Larry and Paula Howard and continued our conversations over a great meal from Qdobe Mexican Grille.  The day had been so wonderful that no one seemed to want to leave.  It was well after 11 before we said goodbye to old friends.  Promises were made to keep in touch, and I hope that we will.

The next morning we went to breakfast with friends not wanting the weekend to end.  It seemed like no time had passed and we always had Sunday morning breakfast together.

Before we left Loveland and headed back to Denver, I looked up my old friend, Vern Tscheuschner.  When I lived in Campion, he lived just a block away.  He was a great friend and we spent a lot of time together.  It was nice to be able to be together again like old times even if it was only for an hour or so.  We reminisced about many things including our muscle cars; Vern's six cylinder Ford Falcon and my Nash Metropolitan. 

I can't remember when I have had as much fun as I did on this trip to Colorado.  I wish all of my old friends, that is long time friends, the very best.


  1. Campion reunions are always filled with fun, laughter and sometimes are tinged with sadness. Won't Heaven's reunions be awesome!!

  2. My wife and i lost our minds in your experience for sometime. Talk of the fond and nostalgic memories of your school, the class where you took your assignments, the hostel where you slept, the dining hall where you took your meals, and above all, the good friends that you just had such a memorable reunion with. Wow!!